Board Minutes

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JAC Board Meeting 6-17-20

Meeting participants:  Barbara Lupton, Peter Braden, Linda Rhines, Rena Murman, Jean Baldwin, Philippa Lance, and guest Alex Wisniewski

Meeting Initiated at 5:02pm

Meeting Adjourned at 6:13pm

Motions made:

Motion made by Linda to approve minutes, Jean seconded and all approved.

Jean approved treasurer minutes, Rena seconded.  All members present approved.

Motion made by Rena to remove Jean Baldwin, Jan and Earll Murman as signees on our checking account, and replace with Peter Braden and Philippa Lance, seconded by Barb and all members approved.

Alex Update:

-Board of County Commissioners is having a meeting tomorrow with Public Health to see whether Jefferson county is ready to move to Phase 3 (with the potential to move to Phase 3 at the same time as Clallam County and Kitsap County as well).  If Board of County Commissioners and Public Health both approve the move, the application to move to Phase 3 will be completed this Friday. 

-If the county moves to Phase 3, there is the potential of MVP pool to reopen with crowd size of up to 50 people.  However, we don’t know what the financial impact of the virus is on the city of Port Townsend,  and whether we can afford to reopen. 

-The Washington State Governor’s office provided guidelines for aquatic facilities last week on Tuesday and that Thursday, there was a zoom meeting with more than 100 people to review the aquatic facilities’ guidelines that the governor put out.  The pools could potentially open in Phase 2, but the guidelines would include lanes open for only one person and therefore, the need to reserve a lance ahead of time.  Swim instructors cannot touch their students, and the number of people who could attend the group classes was also discussed.  Lifeguards have to wear masks 100% of the time.  There were no guidelines on training new lifeguards, but all lifeguards need to be trained on the new rules.  Also, no time would be allowed in the locker room to change or bathe. 

-When the pool reopens, even if Jefferson County is in Phase 3, it will be a different environment.  It is not clear how the pool will operate.  Nevertheless, all staff will need a week to prepare once the decision is made to reopen.

-If money is available to support the pool, the hope is for the pool to open in mid-July.  (Sales tax in Port Townsend accounts for 25% of the city’s general fund.)

-Is there anything JAC can do to assist?  When the pool is ready to reopen, Alex would appreciate assistance with getting the word out about what the pool is going to offer, and will possibly need volunteers  outside the pool to greet people and let them know about the new policies at the pool or assist in some other way initially.

-By the end of the month, Alex will have a better idea about what the plan is and when things are going to reopen.  When this information is available, Alex will communicate with Peter via email about updates and how JAC can best assist with the reopening.  (Peter will reach out to Alex if he doesn’t hear anything by 6/26/20.)

Other discussions:

-Communication:  Could we reach out using our advisory boards about the pool opening and also what the pool opening means (what is different)?  Could we update people on the new policies?  Should we send out a newsletter about the reopening of the MVP pool and the guidelines for it?  Do we have a set-up to send out email to members? 

-JAC is no longer using Wild Apricot as a new database, but the old database has been downloaded.  WIXS does not have a component to send out emails.  We want to be ready to communicate to our members.  It would be worth pursuing how to communicate with our supporters so that when we have accurate information, we can let people know.  Linda and Rena will work together to try to figure out how to send emails to our members.

Treasurer’s Report

-Expenses have all been business related, but we still have more than $10,000 in 1 account and over a $1000 in another account.  (See attached)

-There have not been any swim scholarships funded by JAC so far in 2020.  There is a third quarter scholarship request from Seth, sent to Peter on October 2, 2019 for $240.  Peter will forward the email to Linda so we can reimburse the city.  (Seth is the person who handles the scholarship requests so we may need to wait until he is no longer on furlough to ask if there were any more scholarships more recently.

-Linda has not made much progress on the website to add the minutes.  Maybe John Nowak could assist with this?  If anyone has suggestions or  ideas on how to improve the website, please let Linda know.  Likewise, there is no one listed on the website as a contact.  Is there any way to have contact as info@jeffersonaquaticcoalition and then we can change which board member receives and replies to these emails?

Motion made to adjourn meeting by Peter, seconded by Rena and all members present were in favor at 6:13pm.

Next meeting will be set-up once Peter has contact with Alex regarding when the pool will reopen.  Will keep July 8 open as a tentative date at 5 pm.