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Mission, Vision & Values

Our core VALUES serve as a compass for our actions.

We will always:

  • Be inclusive, accessible, and collaborative

  • Foster trust and mutual respect

  • Listen, consider, seek common ground

  • Be passionate and engaged

  • Be goal-oriented, act decisively and timely

  • Communicate with clarity, accuracy, and transparency

  • Exemplify leadership through focus and determination

Our VISION will improve local quality of life.

We envision:

  • An accessible, affordable, community-supported aquatic center committed to enhancing wellness, recreation, athletics, and safety for residents and visitors of all ages.

  • A modern facility that integrates smart green energy and sustainably contributes to our local economic vitality.

  • An inclusive, fun, social gathering place that captures the heart and pride of our community.

Our MISSION provides a path for the community.

  • Provide proactive leadership and advocacy to sustain a thriving public aquatic recreation facility that serves the needs of East Jefferson County now and in the future.


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