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Pool Facts And Statistics
Jefferson County WA Pool Usage
Past – Present – Future

Updated July 2023 with data from City of Port Townsend and the Jefferson County YMCA


Public enthusiasm for a quality aquatic facility in Port Townsend dates back at least 75 years to 1936, when members of the Rotary Club and the Port Townsend City Council joined forces to vie (unsuccessfully) for the WPA to build a community pool. The community has consistently voted for bonds and levies in support of a pool facility throughout the intervening years.

When polled in the 2011 Jefferson County Community Questionnaire, the Mountain View Pool or "indoor swimming pool" was the most important recreation space identified, and "aquatic programs" essentially tied with Outdoor/ Environmental Programs in importance." (Ref., ERPRC Report, Appendix 2)

The Mountain View Pool opened in August 1963, and is the only publicly accessible pool in the county. It is L-shaped with four 20 yard lanes and a 9.5 foot deep section. It was closed from Nov 10, 2012 to Apr 1, 2013 for repairs to the liner, deck, systems, and lighting – a project that had been delayed for ten years.

About 33,000 pool entries are made annually. Detailed user analysis in 2009 showed that 49% were youths, 34% were adults and 18% were seniors. Swim lessons were the largest youth activity, followed by competitive swimming and recreational swimming. Lap swimming and aqua exercise classes are the dominant uses for adults and seniors who rely on the pool for health and wellness purposes.

During the school year, swim lessons are given to Salish Coast, Brinnon, and Crescent elementary school students. Swim lessons are also offered to about 80 students during the summer and 40 per month the rest of the year. For more than 50 years, community youth have learned to swim in the Mountain View pool.

Four swim teams use the pool. Despite the fact that the pool length and depth do not meet competitive standards, swim team members have excelled.

  • Port Townsend Redfins  – Age group boys and girls swim club

  • Port Townsend High School Girls team (includes Chimacum HS swimmers)

  • Master's Swim Team

  • Jefferson County Warriors participate in WA Special Olympics

The Mountain View Pool is owned by the Port Townsend School District and operated by the City of Port Townsend under a lease that predates the current lease of the entire Mountain View campus. It is a publically operated facility that draws users from throughout Jefferson County, as well as visitors.

There is broad community consensus that more modern and capable aquatic facilities are needed. Several past attempts to meet this need have failed. The existing Mountain View Pool must be maintained to meet the community needs for health and fitness, swim lessons, competition and recreation until a viable alternative is developed and implemented. With the passage of the Mountain View Improvement Bond in 2014 (with a 71+% vote!), the city intends to keep the Mountain View Pool open and accessible for 10 years, barring a major system failure.

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