Board Members

Jean Baldwin

Jean and her husband Jim Quarles sailed their boat from Portland to Port Townsend in 1987, and soon after moved here with their two small children, Dylan and Bryn in 1990.  Both kids were on the PT Barracudas swim team racing and practicing for 8 years.  Jean has been in the aqua aerobics classes since 2010. As a nurse and mom she is passionate about the health benefits of swimming and as a Public Health professional knows the benefits of swimming can have positive impacts on the overall health of our community.   Jean has a BA from Creighton University, a BSN from University of Portland, MSN from Gonzaga and is a licensed Nurse Practitioner (ARNP).  

Jean had leadership roles in Public Health for 40 years. Working in settings as varied as international refugee camps, urban High School Health clinics, Portland and Jefferson County. She retired as Director of Jefferson County Public Health in 2016.  As Director she expanded services by listening to people, reviewing current needs and resources, followed current science and good fiscal management, while always trying to improve the community’s health.

Katelyn Bosley

Katelyn and her family moved to Port Townsend in August 2019 when she began working for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife as lead Puget Sound Crustacean biologist.  After spending 15 years living on the Oregon coast, the Bosley family was happy to move to a warmer, drier location.

Katelyn and her husband Keith (who is also a marine biologist), have spent their entire lives on, in, and around the water.  As parents of two young daughters, Stella (10) and Evie (7), they believe water safety to be a high priority.  Entering the girls into swim lessons quickly evolved into joining the swim team and before long they became a dedicated swim team family, with Katelyn joining the club board and Keith becoming a certified Stroke & Turn Judge.  Since moving to Port Townsend, both daughters have joined the Port Townsend RedFINs swim team, which they enjoy very much.  Katelyn became a member of JAC in December 2019 to carry on her love and support of aquatics, especially swim programs for families and youth.

Peter Braden

Peter, his wife Dawn, and children Mazy and Tate have lived in Port Townsend since 2000. Peter is a National Board Certified Teacher and teaches first and second grade at Salish Coast Elementary where he has been teaching since 1990.

Beginning at age 10, Peter swam competitively on club, high school, and college teams. At Central Washington University he was fortunate to be on three NAIA Championship teams. His freshman and junior teams were inducted into the CWU Hall of Fame.

Peter coached and taught lessons at Sheridan Beach Swim Club for seven years before moving to the peninsula. For five years he served as an assistant coach as well as head coach for Port Townsend Swim Team and has been the head coach for Port Townsend High School Girls' Swimming since 2012.

He looks forward to the day we can enjoy a modern aquatics facility that meets the needs of all members of our community.

Phillipa Lance

Philippa, her husband Nik, and children Ben and Molly have lived in Port Townsend since 2006.

She started swimming competitively at the age of 9 in her hometown of Oakland, California, and continued through college, where she qualified for nationals while attending the University of Puget Sound.  During these years, she also worked as a lifeguard, swim coach and swim instructor.

Philippa became a licensed occupational therapist in 1997, and spent 12 years working in hospital rehab settings before becoming the occupational therapist for the Port Townsend School District in 2009.  Her experience in both clinical and classroom settings has yielded unique insights regarding the therapeutic value of aquatic therapy.  This, coupled with a strong desire for every child in Port Townsend to be safe around our abundant water, fuels her drive to ensure the citizens of Jefferson County have access to a pool.

Barbara Lubert

Barbara Lubert was born in Cleveland, Ohio, attended Purdue University, majoring in Speech Pathology.  She and Dennis have two daughters and twin grandchildren.  Her hobbies are travel and gardening. 

Rena Murman

Rena and husband Earll moved to Port Townsend from Vermont in 2006.   It marked a return to the Pacific NW after 26 years in New England.   With one son in Redmond and another in Vermont, trips across the country are now common.  In the Boston area, Rena worked in the world of high-tech start-up companies for a number of years and then returned to Lesley University for a MS in management focusing on arts organizations.  She then became involved with theatre education at the Huntington Theatre in Boston and at the Weston Playhouse in VT. 

Rena considered the existence of a swimming pool in Port Townsend an essential amenity, and she now regularly enjoys deep-water aerobics classes 5 mornings a week.  When not in the pool, she tutors ESL, is a dedicated volunteer at Habitat for Humanity, a member of LION (Local Investing Opportunity Network), and on the board of the Olympic Music Festival.   Her real passion is to see a state-of-the-art aquatics center in our community that will serve the needs of all--young and old--to be water safe, healthy and fit.

John Nowak

John and his wife Lynn have been Port Townsend residents for over 40 years. John moved here in 1962
at age 6. He was an early user of the pool as a student in the early 1970s. John and Lynn raised their
boys Clay and Sam here.
John has been a long-time employee of Jefferson Healthcare, working in many different capacities
including director positions in the Emergency Department, ICU/Critical Care and the Family Birth Center.
His clinical career continued with responsibilities for Medical Informatics, eventually assuming the CIO
role at Jefferson Healthcare. John also worked for Scientific Applications International Corporation,
leading a 30-member software development team that created all clinical applications for VA hospitals
and helped with development of training materials for military hospitals. In recent years, John has led
Jefferson Healthcare’s Lean Resource Office as Performance Improvement Officer and worked on
Jefferson County’s Community Health Improvement Plan and served as Project Manager for some of
Jefferson Healthcare’s major projects.

Linda Rhines

Linda and her husband Peter moved full-time to Port Townsend from Seattle in 2018, after commuting to their PT home for weekends for the last 18 years.
Linda received her BA and MA (History) from UCLA, an EdS (Library Media) from the University of Colorado and a MLS from the University of Washington.  She taught English and History in Los Angeles and New Jersey, was a children's librarian for the King County Library System, and a school librarian in Boulder, Colorado.  For 17 years until retirement she was an Upper School Librarian at Lakeside Upper School in Seattle.  She has been active in a variety of organizations and non-profits wherever she has lived, and is looking forward to becoming more involved in the wonderful Port Townsend community.
Growing up in Southern California, Linda almost lived in a backyard swimming pool during the hot summers.  She was a lifeguard during college, and loves to swim recreationally.  She considers a public swimming pool to be essential, and she also enjoys swimming in the ocean, lakes and rivers.  Other interests include kayaking, hiking and participating in 3 book clubs.